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5.5 – Discussion: Distribution Channel

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5.5 – Discussion: Distribution Channel
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One very important decision that marketers need to make is which channels of distribution to use for its products or services. Four primary considerations need to be analyzed before making the distribution choice:

Distribution coverage required
Degree of control desired
Total distribution cost
Channel flexibility
Discuss the implications of using the Internet on these four considerations. To help analyze the possible implications of the Internet on these elements, visit these sites and consider how each company distributes its products and services differently than traditional manufacturers do:

American Airlines’ Direct Connect distribution (Links to an external site.)
Newegg Inc. (Links to an external site.)
Overstock.com Inc. (Links to an external site.)
Netflix Inc. (Links to an external site.)
Amazon.com (Links to an external site.)
Also, visit the following sites and think about the role they play in the new breed of channel intermediaries:

DHL Air Freight (Links to an external site.)
China Airlines Cargo (Links to an external site.)
Federal Express (Links to an external site.)
United Parcel Service (UPS) (Links to an external site.)
Oracle E-Business (Links to an external site.)

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