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This discussion is intended to help the student see the benefits of textual preaching; starting with a regular reading and study of the text, and taking the findings of that reading and study out to the listener.
Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to: Illustrate a Biblical example of textual preaching.

1. Textbook: The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching
2. Bible
3. 5.1a PowerPoint: Unit 5 The Choice of a Text

Acts 7 and following was a time of intense persecution of the early church. Saul carried letters from the government allowing him to hunt down and persecute the early Christians. This persecution would continue through the reign of Domitian and beyond.

Some see Stephen as the first martyr of the early church. Prior to his death, he dealt his listeners a history of the work of God, reaching back to Abraham. He saw that history culminate in Jesus.

1. For your initial post, discuss:
a. Why did Stephen start with the story of Abraham?
b. Why would he have retold a story that they were most likely very familiar with?
c. Who does he have in mind when he speaks of the “Righteous One” in vs. 52?
d. Why did they react the way they did in vs. 54?
e. What conclusions can you draw about textual preaching from Stephen’s message based on the fact that, from memory he could recite such comprehensive OT history, connecting to both Jesus and his hearers?
f. Contribute anything else you feel germane in the discussion on “The Benefits of Textual Preaching.”

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