• March 18th, 2020

Week one – Chapter 1 Real Estate Investment: Basic Legal Concepts

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Question 1-1
What is the difference between real property and personal property?
Question 1-2
What is meant by an estate? Why are estates important in real estate finance?
Question 1-3
How can a leased fee estate have a value that could be transferred to another party?
Question 1-4
What is an abstract
Real Estate Financing: Notes and Mortgages
Question 2-1
Distinguish between a mortgage and a note.
Question 2-4
What does non-recourse financing mean?

Question 2-5
What does assignment mean and why would a lender want to assign a mortgage loan?
Question 2-7
What does default mean? Does it occur only when borrowers fail to make scheduled loan payments?
Question 2-8
When might a borrower want to have another party assume his liability under mortgage loan?
Question 2-13
What is meant by mortgage foreclosure, and what alternatives are there to such action?

Question 2-15
What dangers are encountered by mortgagees and unreleased mortgagors when property is sold “subject to” a mortgage?

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