• March 18th, 2020

Week 8 DQ 1 Looking Forward & DQ 2 Final Course Reflection.

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In trying to decide what to expect from a friend in a given situation, you might look back at your history with that person for clues. Similarly, you might look at the history of HRM in order to forecast future trends.

By Day 3 of Week 8

Post a response to the following:

In looking forward, if today gives us any sense of what works in creating capacity in organizations using innovative and collaborative efforts (networking), versus isolation strategies, what should we expect in the next 10 years? How should HR leaders position themselves for this emergence? Explain with whom HR should strategically partner internally to advance an organization’s understanding and readiness?

DDBA/8580 Week 8 Discussion 2 Final Course Reflection

Discussion 2: Final Course Reflection

By Day 5

Post a response to the following:

In reflecting upon key lessons derived from this course, in content, discussion, and opposing views, what pivotal insight(s) have you identified that will change the way you practice or approach your work? This can be the way you work as a leader either within the practice of HR, or within a closely related leadership role requiring similar knowledge and expertise.

By Day 6

Respond to your colleagues’ postings by addressing one or more of the following summative considerations:

·         As a final thought for the course, think about how you would integrate the information you have learned in this seminar into a philosophy of strategic HR efforts.

·         Have your viewpoints changed from when you first began this course? Discuss how your viewpoints changed, if at all, and why.

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