• May 25th, 2019

History of animation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

 As your final work, you can write an essay about an issue chosen by you from animation
 A period, a country, an artistic movement, auteur cinema, technological development or a
comparetive analysis (in the context of a specific theme) may be your subject.
 The first level of your work (midterm), consists of deciding the subject, delimitation, the
first and short abstract of the research and resources (750 – 1000 words).
 The completed work (final) must be between 3500-6000 words, written with Times New
Dear studetns,

Your midterm assignment must contain the subject and its delimitation , a short abstract and the resources.

You must also add that your research will be a personal process or not.

If you research as group, group members must be determined with their part and personal contribution in the process and the subject. Groups must determine also if they will make an oral presentation with a power point file; or write an essay in a doc. file.

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