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Global Medical Equipment Industry

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Each student is required to select an industry or a subsector he or she is interested in and prepare a written report covering the sector or subsector at the global level. Your Sector Report Topic should be e-mailed to the instructor no later than February 20. Students interested in writing their sector reports on certain industries are urged to make a request for the industry they want to write a report on as soon as possible without waiting for the February 20 deadline. Be aware that the instructor will confirm the approved sub-sector or industry with a return e-mail.

As you will be introduced to sectors within Turkey during the SEC 302 course, for SEC 301 this report MUST be prepared at the GLOBAL LEVEL. Reports about a specific sector in Turkey or a specific company will NOT be Acceptable. The completed report is to be submitted to the instructor no later than April 30. Please note that sector reports will be checked for plagiarism through “Turn-it-in”.

Your sector (or sub-sector) report that will cover a global sector subsector, or better still, a global industry should at a minimum include the following:
I. Sector(Sub-sector or Industry) participants: (20Points)
• Customers and Products of the Sector or Sub-sector (5 Points)
• Major competitors within sector or sub-sector (5 Points)
• Key Suppliers to the Sector (5 points)
• Identifying substitutes for the sector’s products (5 points)
II. Market (25 Points)
A) Global Market size (5 Points)
B) Major Geographic Markets (5 Points)
C) Industry Growth Rate (5 Points)
D) Drivers of demand growth (5 points)
E) Future of the Sector (5 points)

III. Attractiveness of the sector, subsector, or industry based on expected profitability as a function of the 5 competitive forces: (30 Points)
A) Assessment of the Bargaining Power of the Industry Customers (5 Points)
B) Assessment of the Bargaining Power of Industry’s Suppliers (5 Points) Sub-sector suppliers are industries that supply inputs to the sub-sector
C) Assessment of the Intensity of Rivalry among Industry Incumbents (5 Points)
D) Assessment of the Threat of New Entry into the Sector through an analysis of industry entry barriers (10 Points)
E) Assessment of the Threat of Substitutes to the industry’s offering from other industries (5 Points)

IV. Key success factors (The factors that determine success in this industry or sub-sector; what a comp

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