• April 8th, 2019

Discuss the destructive nature of revenge in Hamlet: How does revenge destroy more than its intended target?

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Hamlet Research Essay: 750-1000 words. May be longer if you wish. Due: Listed on Blackboard and on syllabus. Format: MLA form for manuscript form (double spacing, standard margins) and for documentation: citation notes within the paper and Works Cited entries at the end of the paper. Guidelines for literary writing: 1. This is a formal paper, so students should avoid the following informal uses: A. Contractions such as it’s and don’t . B. Pronouns such as I and You. “I” is sometimes permissible when giving a direct reaction to another critic’s point, but “you” almost never. 2. All the rules of Standard American English grammar and mechanics must be followed. Proofread especially for sentence errors such as fragments, comma-splices and run-ons. Next, proofread for verb errors. 3. Manuscript form is double spaced throughout the entire paper, including indented quotes and works cited page. Be sure to use hanging indention for the works cited. The standard word processor template will take care of most of the margin issues. 4. As a standard convention, use the present tense when writing about literature. “When Hamlet sees the ghost” not “When Hamlet saw the ghost.” This way, if you have to refer to the past in the play, you can do so by shifting to the simple past. 5.. When you introduce a quote from the story, novel or play, you need to give context: explain where it takes place in the action of the play, not chapter or scene number, and show what point you plan to make with the quote. 6. When you introduce quotes from secondary sources, clearly introduce the point you are trying to make.

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