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Health Care

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Evaluation of strategic choices is important. The methods for selecting strategic alternatives help leaders organize significant issues to support decision making. However, it is important that the techniques do not make the decision. Rather, leaders should use the techniques to reveal the inherent situation and to organize their thought processes. This assessment provides you with an opportunity to evaluate and apply some of the techniques for successful strategy development and implementation. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: • Competency 1: Evaluate qualities and skills that promote effective leadership within health care organizations. o Evaluate the leadership qualities and skills that will be most important to successfully implementing a strategic plan and sustaining strategic direction. • Competency 2: Apply strategies to lead high-performing health care teams to meet organizational quality and safety goals. o Develop strategic goal statements and outcomes that support the achievement of specific quality and safety improvements for a care setting. o Justify the relevance of proposed strategic goals and outcomes in relation to the mission, vision, and values of a care setting. • Competency 3: Apply cultural, ethical, and regulatory considerations to leadership decision making. o Analyze the extent to which strategic goals and outcomes address the use of technology and the ethical, cultural, and regulatory environments. • Competency 4: Integrate leadership and health care theories into the role of the nurse leader. o Explain how relevant leadership and health care theories will be used to help achieve proposed strategic goals and objectives. • Competency 5: Communicate with stakeholders and constituencies to build collaborative partnerships and create inclusive work environments. o Communicate analyses clearly and in a way that demonstrates professionalism and respect for stakeholders and colleagues.

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