• January 8th, 2019

Discussion question 1: Discussion and Participation Wk1 D1

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements In this chapter, we discussed the atmosphereic terms of pressure, density, temperature, composition, and the various layers. I’m confused about a couple of things. Please explain them to me: At 18,000 feet, atmospheric pressure is about half of what it is at sea level. Thus, I would suspect that at 36,000 feet atmospheric pressure would be zero. However, this isn’t the case. Atmospheric pressure doesn’t reach zero until infinity (for a lack of shortening this paragraph). In other words, an infinite number of feet above sea level. that’s a lot farther than 36,000 feet. How is this possible? Discussion question 2: Discussion and Participation Wk1 D2 If I go scuba diving and descend to only 33 feet below the surface, I experience twice the atmospheric pressure as compared to standing on the ground at sea level. How is this possible?

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