• November 7th, 2018


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Complete the following step-by-step process:
1. Watch the presentation entitled “How to Find Articles for the ‘Earth Science in Action’ Assignment” in the Reading & Study folder for Module/Week 4.
2. Explore the following 3 websites which are also available in the Reading & Study folder for Module/Week 4:
3. Find 1 article that interests you from 1 of the links above. Do NOT choose 1 article from each link.
4. Read the article and take notes.
5. Write a thread that addresses the following questions related to your chosen article:
a. What is the title of the article?
b. What is the web address for the article?
c. Who is(are) the author(s)?
d. What is(are) the topic(s) covered in the article?
e. What new information have scientists found?
f. Why is this new information important?
g. What impact will this new information have on mankind and/or on science?
h. What drew you to this article? That is, why did you find this article interesting?

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