• November 7th, 2018

APOL 104 Test 5

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The path to enlightenment is called the Middle Way because it avoids the extremes of affluence and asceticism.
1. All Hindus are polytheists. They believe in many gods.
2. Which of the following views does finite godism hold about God’s relationship to evil?
3. The axiological argument for God’s existence is also the argument from :
4. All truth is God’s truth.
5. A specific criticism of _________ is that the mere disagreement about what is moral does not automatically lead to the conclusion that there is no moral truth.
6. Powell specifically argues that humans come to know objective morality through
7. Buddhism and Hinduism follow the Caste System.
8. Which of the following would NOT be accurate according to Powell?
9. Siddhartha Gautama was born into:
10. By showing a subjective relativist how they actually expect to be treated with dignity and respect, rather than have their relativism applied to them in cruel treatment, abuse, or the relativizing of their passions, Powell believes we can:
11. The term “Islam” means:
12. Powell would say the best way to explain the relationship between God and moral law is:
13. Most religions are exclusive. They believe their way is the only way to truth.
14. Which of the following is NOT a general claim of pantheism?

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