• November 7th, 2018

APOL 104 Test 2

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We should apply critical thinking to communications and information that we receive from:
1. Oversimplifying a complex issue to make it seem that only two options are possible is an example of a False Dilemma Fallacy.
2. Selective Perception is arguing a point by selecting and presenting only the evidence that supports one’s current position or opinion.
3. Assessing the outcomes or how well our decisions are working can be a valid part of critical thinking.
4. The Big Bang cannot explain where matter originated.
5. Seeking to discredit people’s arguments by attacking their personal character, origin, associations, etc. rather than their idea is what type of fallacy?
6. Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all describe an intelligent designer.
7. Which of the following is an argument(s) used to explain the existence of God?

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