• November 6th, 2018

Wachovia and Others: Trading Securities at the Speed

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What competitive advantages can the companies described in the case derive from the use of faster technology and co-location of servers with the exchanges? Which would you say are sustainable, and which ones temporary or easily imitable? Justify your answer.
Competitive advantage: faster technology and co-location enable faster transactions. Fast transaction speeds enable algorithm based trading. Algorithm based trading allows traders to take advantage of minute, fleeting price anomalies.
Sustainable advantages: since high speed transactions require co-location, this advantage might be sustainable assuming limited capacity to co-locate.
Temporary Advantages: the algorithms themselves might be imitable or their effects might be mitigated by competitor’s countermeasures.
IT Leaders: Reinventing IT as a Strategic Business Part
What implications does this shift in the strategic outlook of IT have for traditional IT workers and for the educational institutions that train them? How does this change the emphasis on what knowledge and skills the IT person of the future should have?
Many times we see that some businesses still do not understand how important it is to use technology, which does not allow them to grow as a company and to develop a more efficient market, they are losing the opportunity to obtain higher profits and get more customers. To think as expansively as technology makes possible means a combination of analytic and instinct will be increasingly necessary for employees to improve decision making.
Implications for traditional IT workers
IT workers should expect change as part of their work environment. Even their company name, department name, or job title may change every few years.
IT workers should expect and even demand continuing education as a part of their job
IT workers need to understand the bigger picture as it relates to their job
Implications for educational institutions
While computer science departments can focus on the mathematics of the machine, information systems departments need to ensure their students gain both the technical and the business skills necessary to design, develop, and maintain business applications.
Business schools should not view students as one time customers and long-term donors but rather as long-term customers whose active academic participation also makes a significant contribution to the institution. University and administration should not think just in terms of degrees but also in incremental certifications.
Future emphasis
It workers should have strong project management and business skills. While technologies may change, the principles by which an organization effectively learns and adapts will remain fairly constant.
Sew What? Inc.
How do information technologies contribute to the business success of Sew What Inc? Give several examples from the case regarding the business value of information technology that demonstrate this conclusion.
Information technologies contribute to the business success of Sew What Inc.by focusing on the business value. Organizations may not want information systems, they can be expensive and distracting. However, organizations usually need information systems in order to accomplish specific goals.

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