• November 6th, 2018

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Reading response- CITIZEN-section VI – end (82 – end)
• Citizen: an American Lyric by Claudia Rankine
LENGTH: 200 – 250 words
GRADING METHOD: credit / half credit / no credit
LATE POLICY: Late reading responses will not be accepted for credit
CONTENT WARNINGS: Graphic violence, racial violence, police brutality
Reading responses are a way to make sure that you are actively and critically engaging with course readings, and they serve as a way to jump start our conversations about the reading in class.
The form for the responses is open-ended – think of them as an opportunity to articulate your thoughts and feelings about a piece of writing, to ask questions about it, to try to understand what you did or did not like about it and WHY you had that reaction.
Some specific questions you may find it helpful to consider:
• What is the work about? What does it convey (or try to convey)? What emotions, ideas, images, and/or (hi)stories, does it impress upon you?
• How does the work make innovative use of language and form in order to accomplish that?

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