• November 5th, 2018

Operations Management vs. Project Management

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Reid, R. D., & Sanders, N. R. (2016). Operations management: An integrated approach (6th ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing.
Chapter 2, “Operations Strategy and Competitiveness”
In Chapter 2, the authors define business strategy and examine how strategy is related to operations. The chapter examines productivity and technology as they pertain to the four types of competitive priorities.
Project Management Institute. (2017). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Sixth edition. Newtown Square, PA: Author.
Part 1: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
Chapter 1, “Introduction” Section 1.2.1, “Projects” (pp. 4-9) Section 1.2.3, “Relationship of Project, Program, Portfolio, and Operations Management” (pp. 11-17)
These sections of the PMBOK (PMBOK® Guide) provide an overview of how projects support strategic planning when aligned with organizational goals; why project management is integral to managing business operations; and how project management contributes to business value. THIS QUESTION HAS TWO SECTIONS A & B Section A Question What are the similarities and differences between operations management and project management? What is the relationship between business strategy and operations strategy? In what ways does project management contribute to business value? How can project management and operations management be used collectively to support operations strategy?
Element of grading section A: Element 1a: Initial Post – Operations and Project Management Comparison, Element 1b: Initial Post – Operations Strategy and Business Strategy Relationship, Element 1c: Initial Post – Project Management and Business Value, Element 1d: Initial Post – Collective Use of Operations and Project Management
Section B The case studies in your course text Operations Management: An Integrated Approach offer glimpses into the real world of business operations, allowing for deeper analysis of issues related to operations management, budgeting, and business strategy. Question Read the case “Prime Bank of Massachusetts,” which begins on page 50 of your text. Then respond to case questions 1–3 on page 51.

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