• November 5th, 2018


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The purpose of this discussion is to examine the history and development of environmental movements in order to better understand how social movements work, their role in creating social change, and why they are important to society.

What is the role of environmental social movements in creating social change? How and why are they important to society?

Research the rise of various environmental social movements and resulting countermovements in the U.S. Identify some of the social, political, and cultural factors that gave rise to them.

Apply the social movement theories of resource mobilization, frame analysis, and new social movements to explain how these groups organize and act at local, national, and global levels regarding the issue of climate change.

Then, develop a post (minimum of 150 words) that addresses the following questions:

What current political trends and political interest groups come in conflict with the efforts of environmental groups on both sides of the climate change debate?

Do these conflicting efforts support or interfere with democratic government and the response to climate change? Use Mill’s view of the concentration of power in the U.S. to explain the workings of power in the climate change debate.

What important changes have been created at the state, national, and global levels by environmental groups in addressing climate change? Give specific examples to illustrate these changes.

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