• November 5th, 2018

Buckner Family Hope Center at Reed Rd

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Background of the agency/institution, including its history, mission, structure, funding, objectives (purpose) and the population (type of client) served (no more than one page). (2-3 pages) identifying at least TWO PEER-REVIEWED RESEARCH ARTICLES that apply to the internship site (Buckner Family Hope Center at Reed Rd). including the following information below you will identify two research articles that have to do with how after school enrichment activities benefit children developmentally. b. You MUST identify these articles through the library databases, such as PsychInfo or Academic Search Complete. You may NOT use a google, yahoo, or any other general internet search. c. You MUST use research articles (i.e., articles that present the results of a research study). You may NOT use general opinion articles, theoretical articles, or any other type of articles. You may NOT use newspaper, magazine, blog, or any other type of non-peer-reviewed article. ii. A description of the role of a teacher assistance in the agency (Buckner), including responsibilities, duties, and tasks (about one page). 2. Using the two research articles, you will: a. Describe the research study that was done (What was the research question? What was the sample and method that was used?). b. Discuss the relevance of the research findings to individual or social issues that you encountered at the internship site. In other words, you will discuss how this research is pertinent to the internship site using specific examples from your experience at your internship. *The point of this requirement is for you to demonstrate that you can apply research findings to real-life individual or social issues. Re-read your work to make sure you are meeting this goal.

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