• November 5th, 2018

Assume that you are a Senior Financial Manager for Drive It Long Golf, Inc.

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Analyze the financial performance of Drive It Long Golf, Inc. using the following tools: time and trend analysis peer-group analysis two or more ratios financial ratios (introduced in Module Two’s assigned readings) in each area that will allow you to evaluate the following four aspects of performance: Short-term solvency Asset Utilization Long-term solvency Profitability Evaluate the firm’s financial position using the firm’s DuPont Identity, considering: operating efficiency (as measured by profit margin), asset use efficiency (as measured by total asset turnover), and financial leverage (as measured by the equity multiplier). Determine PEG ratio. Construct Drive It Long’s PEG ratio, and Evaluate this PEG ratio. Your paper should be 4–6 pages long with a minimum of 2 references in a double-spaced document using 12 pt. Times New Roman font, utilizing APA format.

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