• October 16th, 2018

Project Scheduling Phase Review and Closeout Plan

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Post a memo to the project team and key stakeholders scheduling the lessons-learned meeting, and describing the purpose of the meeting. Include an agenda (customized for your course project) of the items that will be discussed. Describe how the outcomes of the meeting will be recorded and added to the organization’s knowledge base.
2, Complete the plan for the closeout processes for the scheduling. Based on the unique characteristics of your project, complete a Scheduling Phase Review and Closeout Plan by completing the following three sections:
Section 1: List the title and the storage location of each of the documents produced during the scheduling phase Section 2: Describe the results of the Lessons Learned analysis and the implications for the remaining phases of this project as well as the scheduling phase for future projects Section 3: Describe the open issues and risks that should continue to be tracked by the project team into the subsequent phases of this project.

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