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1. Explain the high cost for the British government in the French and Indian War that necessitated new taxes to pay for it. 2. Explain the passage of the Stamp Act as a tax on official documents and other paper products purchased in the colonies. 3. Explain how the colonists reacted to the Stamp Act with protests and petitions and violence. 4. Explain how Great Britain responded to the colonial defiance of the act by repealing it over a year later. Learning Objective: 4.1 Page Ref: 72-73 A-head: The Crisis of the British Empire Skill Level: Apply What You Know 74) Why is the French and Indian War important to the study of African-American history? Ideal Answer: The ideal answer should: 1. Explain the causes of the French and Indian War as stemming from conflicts between Britain and France over the fur trade in Canada and Atlantic trade. 2. Explain how Great Britain won the war by destroying French armies in lower Canada. 3. Describe the different perspectives of Parliament and the colonists on the meaning of the war. Parliament saw the war as defending the colonies while the Americans expected their country to pay for the war and allow them to control their own affairs. 4. Comment on the significance of the war for the American Revolution: Winning the war bankrupted the British government, pushing Parliament to pass taxes that alienated the American colonists who left the British empire forever. Learning Objective: 4.1 Page Ref: 71-73 A-head: The Crisis of the British Empire Skill Level: Analyze It 75) What effect did Lord Dunmore’s proclamation have on the Revolution? Be sure to consider the British, Patriot, and African-American perspectives. Ideal Answer: The ideal answer should: 1. Explain that Lord Dunmore issued his proclamation to entice slaves to join his army. 2. Outline the perspective of the Patriots: the British were creating a race war by encouraging slaves to escape southern plantations. 3. Comment on the irony of the democratic basis of the War for Independence while Thomas Jefferson and George Washington lost their own slaves to the British side. 4. Comment on the elevated British opinion, which influenced the Americans, of black fighting ability in battle. 5. Outline the perspective of African-American slaves: Many chose freedom by fighting for the British, only to evacuate to other locations after the war. 6. Explain that the use of ex-slave troops by the British was significant in some battles. Learning Objective: 4.4 Page Ref: 80-82 A-head: African Americans in the War for Independence Skill Level: Understand the Concepts 76) Describe the various types of roles played by blacks during the Revolution. Why did this participation vary by gender and national affiliation?

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