• October 15th, 2018


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Life course scholars have argued that non-normative or “off-time” transitions may have negative personal consequences for individual lives. a. Describe one example of a non-normative or “off-time” transition, and discuss at least three reasons why this transition may be both a cause and consequence of adverse personal experiences and/or macrosocial/structural factors. b. Why are non-normative and “off-time” transitions believed to be harmful to the individual? What role do economic, institutional, and family-level factors play in setting norms about the appropriate nature and timing of life transitions? c. Do you believe that the concepts of non-normative and “off-time” transitions are useful (and timely) in social research? Why or why not? How might these concepts be refined and/or updated so that they are a more relevant or useful concept for current social science researchers?

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