• October 12th, 2018

Organizational Behaviour And Development

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Assignment Task 1: [70 Marks] – Project Format
Read the following Scenario, and prepare a report with the guidelines provided.
Scenario: Throughout the world, workplace productivity has grown steadily for more than a decade, allowing standards of living to rise significantly without the threat of significant economic inflation. With recent technological advancements in such areas as information systems, manufacturing processes, inventory management, and service delivery, the current trend of increasing productivity may extend well into the future. Nonetheless, individual companies sometimes run into productivity problems. This company currently faces problems as a result of:
– Fierce competition in the automotive manufacturing industry
– Aggressive discounting by domestic manufacturers
– Attractive pricing by international competitors
CEO William Clay “Bill” Ford, Jr. faces the undoubting tasks of:
-Cutting up to $4.5 billion in expenses
– Updating aging product lines
– Shoring up falling quality
Student can go through the following videos available in you tube to give them an insight on the Ford Corporation’s organizational culture. Students can also refer to external sources for getting for more information in reference to the assignment.

The report should include the following:
1. Executive Summary ( 8 Marks)
2. Introduction to the Chosen Organizations ( 6 Marks )
3. Explain the organizational culture of the Ford Corporation in detail. (10 Marks)
4. If you were a manager in a company like Ford Motor Company, How would you improve employee productivity in the face of unacceptably high production costs? (20)
5. To assess how does Ford focuses on employee productivity through various motivational techniques(15)
6. The role of culture on the organizational/employee behavior of Ford (6 Marks)
7. Conclusions and recommendations. (5 Marks)
8. References (Adhering to Harvard Referencing Format)
Assignment Task – 2: [30 Marks] – Project Format
Based on the stakeholder theory concept and practice for a chosen organization. In case certain stakeholders are not given much preference in the decision making process explain how each of the stakeholders could be made part of the decision-making process successfully. The report should also cover how the chosen organisation identifies the requirements of employee development in the organisation and what activities are implemented for employee development. Students have to submit a report based on their understanding of the above said scenario
The organization that the student chooses can be either a manufacturing organization or service organization.
The report has to cover the following :
1. Introduction to the organization – (4 Marks)
2. Assessment Strategy followed by the organization currently for understanding the employee development and integrating stakeholders in the decision-making process– (4 Marks)
3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the current strategy – (7 Marks)
4. Based on the evaluation of the current strategy provide suggestions and recommendations to make it better or to continue with the same – (6 Marks)
5. Tools that can be used to improve their operations strategy – (6 Marks)
6. Scope for future sustainability of the strategy – (3 Marks)

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