• October 12th, 2018

Case Study Google Self Driving Cars ( 5 Pages)

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Describe the Google Self-Driving Car brand marketing mix during the last year or two. What marketing “P’s” or “P” does the Google Self-Driving brand focus on?
2) Where would you place the Google Self-Driving Car brand in the BCG Growth Share Matrix and the Product Life Cycle? Why?
3) Using Porter’s Industry Competitive Model, what forces are determining long-term industry attractiveness in the self-driving car marketplace? Discuss in depth.
4) Using an article to support your problem statement, write a research problem statement and at least two research objectives you would advise Google to investigate related to consumer buyer behavior and the Google Self-Driving car.*
5) With respect to question #4, how would you ensure reliability and validity? Make sure to review online unit 5 Lecture Notes before answering this question.

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