• October 8th, 2018

week 3 discussion

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Prompt One: Myths have been defined as the following: “The dramatic representation of culturally important truths in narrative form.” A creation myth conveys a story of beginnings and identity, how the world began and where a people came from. Keep in mind, the term myth does not imply a false story, but one that a culture holds true and that shapes its identity. Myths typically emerge from oral tradition and are later transcribed and translated. With these thoughts in mind, compare and contrast the Iroquois creation story with either the biblical account or the Pima creation myth. You may also discuss a theme, such as relationships (between humans and animals, for instance), the role of women, attitudes toward death, etc. ( Pima Stories of the Beginning of the World: The Story of Creation link below https://againstamericangrain.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/pima-stories-of-the-beginning-of-the-world-the-story-of-creation/
Prompt Two: Compare one of the Week 3 readings to another reading from Week 3 (a different author and preferably an author you aren’t writing on for another wk 3 prompt) or a prior week. For instance, you could compare the modernist elements of “The Love Song…” and “Babylon Revisited” or the role of women in Chopin and Glaspell or the role of masculinity in two texts by authors like Hemingway and Fitzgerald or any other aspect that you thinks ties together two works and shows some insight. Have fun with this, but remember to use a close reading as support (quotes!)!
Prompt three: Choose a poem by Frost and discuss a literary theme or an item of interest. For instance, in “After Apple-Picking” why does the narrator refer repeatedly to sleep? How does the word change throughout the poem? What is the tone of this poem? Or, in the “Mending Wall,” how does the poem reveal the theme of overturning tradition? What are the literal and figurative meanings of ‘barriers’ in the poem?
Prompt four: Discuss a theme of your choosing for any of the other assigned reading for this week, e.g. personification in Sandburg’s poem “Chicago, the theme of the “American dream” and identity in any poem by Langston Hughes, the use of irony in Susan Glaspell’s play “Trifles,” etc.

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