• October 8th, 2018

The Little Seagull Handbook.

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READINGS: Read from the Little Seagull Handbook the following two sections and then answer the questions 1-4 provided below.
• Arguments: pages 43-48
• Developing Paragraphs: pages 17-29.
Questions: Format: Copy and paste the each question into your document before providing your answer. Your answers should be thoughtful and complete.
1. What is a topic sentence and where should it be placed within the body paragraphs.
2. Describe the eight different types of body paragraphs explained in the textbook (19-25) and note two types of body paragraphs you intend to use in your essay and why you have chosen these types.
3. An essay must “flow” and have a set up that is easy for a reader to follow. What are the three ways to make your essay flow ( 25-27). Explain each (in your own words) and explain why each is an important component of “flow”.
4. When should you start a new paragraph?What strategies will you try for your opening and closing paragraphs and why? ( 28-29)

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