• October 7th, 2018

Research Paper on a Business

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

This is a five full page minimum research paper on your chosen industry – the group of companies that compete within the same set of product offerings – and company. You must include a minimum of 10 scholarly sources, use APA formatting, and write in third person.

Sample industry questions:
1. What are the major companies within the industry?

2. What are the industry trends?

3. How is the product or service manufactured?

4. Distribution….?

5. Trends…?

6. Outlook…?

Sample company questions:
The size of a company and the scope of its operations say a great deal about the company’s ambitions and opportunities for advancement. Try to answer the following questions:

Has the company expanded globally?

Is it expanding or downsizing?

What are its divisions and subsidiaries?

How many employees does it have?

How many clients does it serve?

How many locations does it have?

Direction and planning
Answers to questions about the company’s plans may be difficult to find outside of the company’s Web site, annual report, newspaper business pages, business magazines, or the industry’s trade publications. The following information is worth pursuing as it lets you know some of the hot issues to address or avoid:

What are the company’s current priorities?

What is its mission?

What long-term contracts has it established?

What are its prospects?

What are its problems?

Is it initiating any new products or projects?

Products or services
You shouldn’t go into a job interview without at least knowing what products or services are the bedrock of the company’s business. Find the answers to these questions:

What services or products does the company provide?

What are its areas of expertise?

How does it innovate in the industry — by maintaining cutting edge products, cutting costs, or what?

Competitive profile
How the company is positioned within its industry and how hard competitors are nipping at its heels are measures of the company’s long-term health and the relative stability of your prospective job there. Get to the bottom of these issues by asking:

Who are the company’s competitors?

What are the company’s current projects?

What setbacks has it experienced?

What are its greatest accomplishments?

Is the company in a growing industry?

Will technology dim its future?

Does it operate with updated technology?

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