• October 5th, 2018

Human Computer Interaction

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

  • This Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard via the allocated folder.
  • Email submission will not be accepted.
  • You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation.
  • You MUST show all your work.
  • Late submission will result in ZERO marks being awarded.
  • The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO marks.
    • for the organization of the big titles, so no details will be included (see sample above). You have to summarize thoughts of slides’ contents.
    • – Make the mind map yours as any mind map duplicated from whatever source will be rejected.
    • – You can complete the above sample or draw your mind map by hand on paper or on a digital screen then just include an image of your drawing; otherwise you may use a dedicated software.

    ·         Question Two

    • To determine the user’s skill levels and design an interface is easy if we are designing for the same class of users. However, what to do when you have multiple user classes in the same system. What approach will you follow? Please explain your answer.

    ·         Question Three

    • As user interfaces have become prominent, serious legal issues have emerged. Describe three legal concerns that may affect design, implementation, or marketing? Provide example for each concern.

    ·         Question Four

    • Consider yourself as a usability evaluator and provide any example of a website that has usability issue. Provide website URL and snapshot of the site, then, list the usability issues that you find in your suggested example.


    Business Ethics


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    Report Issue

    • Create a 10- to 12-page report / no plagiarism / APA style
    • The United States has still not recovered from the recent wave of mortgage defaults and foreclosures. Experts predict that the housing market will take years to recover in some locations due to a variety of factors. There are numerous publications that detail how the problem developed. Many of the reasons for the collapse of the housing market have ethical implications.
    • Tasks:
    • Using online library resources or the Internet, research the financial collapse of the housing market.
    • Create a 10- to 12-page report discussing your findings. Explore the evidence from an ethical point of view.

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