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Situation: You have been hired to survey a piece of property. In this property, there are several unique features about which the new property owner would like some information. You must answer the following questions based on the information your crew gathered during the survey. Problems: 1. You have surveyed the boundary of the property as follows: Beginning at a post; thence, North West, 15.0 feet to a pine tree; thence, North East, 536.0 feet to an oak stump; thence, North East, 816.4 feet to a post; thence, South East, 466.9 feet to a hemlock tree; thence, South East, 141.9 feet to a lilac bush; thence, to the place of beginning. a) Find the distance and bearing from the lilac bush to the place of beginning. Distance = Bearing = b) Find the total acreage of the piece of property. (Note: 1 acre = 43,560 square feet.) Total acreage =

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