• October 4th, 2018


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800 words for an easy subject – Just don’t have the time I am part of a team and need to contribute the following 3 topics: • Describe the group presentation style you intend to use. The Style we intend to use called “Informative Presentation” and is described by our book as” To be informative, a message must be clearly understood by the customer. Of course, clarity is important in any presentation, but it needs special attention in a presentation whose primary purpose is to inform. The informative presentation emphasizes factual information often taken from technical reports, company-prepared sales literature, or written testimonials from persons who have used the product. This type of presentation is commonly used to introduce new products, highly complex products, and services of a technical nature.” • Identify the customer’s wants and needs. The clients are luxury and technology lovers that don’t have budget issues. The feature most beneficial feature is relaxation for busy people. • Explain how your product satisfies those wants and needs, and differs from competitive products the potential customer has or could use.

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