• October 3rd, 2018


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Case 3 focuses on capturing system requirements, an important component of any model of the software development process. It is important to remember that the purpose of requirements is to specify the problem that the system is intended to solve, leaving the details of the solution to the system designers. Formulating a useful set of requirements will require working closely with the following stakeholders.
• Customers and users, so that everyone understands the requirements and their goals
• Designers, so that they can construct a good design from the requirements specification
• Testers, so that they can write test scripts to evaluate whether the implementation meets the requirements
• Documentation writers, so that they can write user manuals from the specifications
Case Assignment Deliverables and Questions
Module 3 overview gives specifications to identify the functional, data, and performance requirements and how these are components of the requirements document. Use those guidelines in Table 3-3 in the Module Overview as a checklist to write a set of requirements for the Millennial Library. Write 3-5 requirements in short sentences for each of the functional, data, and performance requirements. In addition, answer the following Case questions. Write 3-4 pages excluding cover and reference pages to document the Millennial Library requirements and questions for the Case.

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