• October 3rd, 2018

Primary Source Assignment 1

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You will examine a primary source document using the worksheet provided here. The source will need to be a text-based source relating to North America and dating between 1400-1800 C.E. (letter, journal, newspaper, etc.). The worksheet asks you to analyze the context, importance, significance, and utility of the source. When filling out the worksheet, be specific, answer all the questions, and provide as much detail as possible. You must submit your work via Canvas by the due date and time. Make sure to cite your source using Chicago Manual of Style format.

Worksheet: 2-Primary-Source-Evidence.docx


Primary Source Evidence


Name: _______________________________________________  Date:  ________________________



1. What type of source is it?




2. Who authored/created it? 3. When was it created?
4. What historical events were occurring when it was created?






5. Why was it created?  Who was the intended audience?






6. What point of view/position does the author/creator represent?






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