• October 2nd, 2018

Assignment: Research Paper – Chapter 5

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Topic selection is very liberal, provided it is related to oceanography in some way. The possibilities are virtually endless. Browsing through the list of these the following topics for inspiration:
-Any marine creature – you would be going into a great level of detail and coverage. -Marine vehicles such as ROV’s or AUV’s used for ocean exploration. -Tsunamis, hurricanes, tidal bores or any other atmospheric/oceanic phenomena. -Renewable energy sources that utilize oceanic sources such as waves, currents, etc. -Fishery management, pollution control, oil spills, etc. -A detailed account of an important historical event or person in the field of oceanography.
Description: The focus of the paper can be general or a detailed look at one particular aspect of your subject. Keep in mind that this is a scientific-based research activity, so statements are expected to be supported by some evidence such as a journal article, graph or diagram, or even a well selected photo. There is no minimum word requirement, but you may want to shoot for +150 words to write a clear, concise presentation that provides ample coverage of your topic.

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