• October 1st, 2018


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MVH Enterprises has five locations in the greater Auckland area. Three locations Botany,
Pakuranga and Howick are using va4 addressing schemes, the fourth location Panmure is
using va6 addressing and the fifth location Remuera is operating in a dual stack
configuration for IPv4 and in6. , Pakuranga, Botany and Remuera will be connected using
leased-line serial links. The fourth and fifth locations, Panmure and Howick, will be
connected to Remuera using serial connections and PPP encapsulation. The company
wishes to continue using RIP version 2 as the routing protocol in Howick, but will implement
OSPFVZ as the routing protocol in Botany, Pakuranga and Remuera. RlP routes will need to
be redistributed into the OSPF process. The company also wishes to limit Internet access to
Web traffic while allowing multiple protocols within its own Extranet. NAT must be
implemented for Internet connectivity. The company has decided to configure the serial link
between the Remuera and Panmure Research LANs using IPv6 addressing. The IPv6 link
between the LANs on Remuera and Panmure will use ElGRPv6 as the routing protocol. va4
Private addressing (RFC 1918) will be used and to minimise wasted addresses, VLSM is to be
used where appropriate. Use IPv6 subnets as required.

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