• September 29th, 2018

Paper 3

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Paper Three Criteria – Due Week Six As you put together your paper this week, pay close attention to the following guidelines. Allow yourself time to create multiple drafts of your work so you can craft a paper that best represents your understanding of course material and your ability to articulate it. Select one theme discussed in chapters 10 through 13 of our textbook. Go to scholar.google.com and search for published articles on that theme. Filter your results to show only those works published within the past year. Select five articles that interest you the most and read them thoroughly. (You will most likely need to retrieve the articles from EBSCO host.) In a well-written paper, provide the following: A description of the theme as our textbook discusses it. What the articles you have selected say about the theme. Where do they agree? Where do they disagree? Now that you have reviewed at least six sources on this theme (our textbook and the five articles), what is your perspective?

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