• September 25th, 2018

Week 1 DBM

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Database Recommendation
The first and most important database-related decisions are whether to
use a database at all and, if so, which database management system to
use and why. Today there are dozens of database management
systems available; however, some are better suited to specific business
environments and applications than others.
For this assignment, you will analyze a business scenario, compare the
pros and cons of different database models and products, and
recommend a specific product to meet the needs of the business
scenario. You will provide the rationale for your recommendation in
terms of the suitability and business benefit.
Download and read the Brewster Business Scenario document.
Write a 2-page high-level, non-technical recommendation to present to
the Brewster CEO.
In your recommendation:
• Analyze the company’s current system.
• Describe the problems and challenges associated with the current
• Explain the business benefit of moving from the current system to a
single, shared database.
• Compare and contrast at least four different database models,
including the relational database model, in the context of the company’s
business environment.

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