• September 21st, 2018


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The Law and Interrogations Suppose you are a lawyer. You are working for a client who has been charged with a crime. Making matters worse, your client has confessed to the crime. But now says he is innocent. Making matters even worse, he was videotaped while confessing. Yet he now insists he is innocent, and explains to you that his confession was not a real confession. The police forced him to confess. His confession was coerced. Your job is to go to court and explain that the videotape of the confession is not iron-clad proof that your client is guilty. He still might be innocent. You also want to argue that the videotape of his confession should not be shown in court because showing it would be unfair to him. These are the arguments you have to make. How are you going to make them? Is there any help from psychological science?

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