• September 21st, 2018

Law- Analyze this case on the sale of goods to minors (infants) using the IRAC Method

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Be sure to use the page numbers from the case, which are found embedded in the case; do NOT use the page number at the bottom of the page. Identifying information about the case: What is the legal citation for the case? (Hint: It is found in the header at the top of each page in the case.) Who sued whom, i.e., who are the Parties (Plaintiffs and Defendants)? Which court is hearing this case and how did the case get here (what is the procedural history of the case, i.e., what happened in the courts below)? Was the decision below unanimous, or do you think there was some dissension? What was the date of the decision? What is at issue in Dodson v. Shrader?

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