• September 17th, 2018

Press Conference Project

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are given a scenario and you have to make up an organization that is representing a press conference for the scenario that is given. For an example on the scenario given about the NBA Striking Deal with MGM to provide data to bettors. You can possibly be an organization that manages/monitors the compensation of the NBA.

1. Organization Name, Logo (create a name and logo for the organization that is created)
2. Organization Fact Sheet (facts about organization, background on situation, more info on what’s occurring with scenario and the background about organization and when it was established, can be made up) these are examples (http://retail-resumes.net/9-fact-sheet-word-template/) but include more information such an established date,
4. Personnel list and complete job descriptions for the employees present at the press conference. Each description should be on a separate page.Need 4 jobs on Press Conference such as NBA Commissioner, Representative for MGM, Middle Man (person talking between NBA & MGM) and someone else. Just 4 Jobs those are examples that can be used as the jobs or can make up a different for jobs for Press Conference
5. List of potential questions and answers for your press conference situation

The scenario is here https://www.sltrib.com/sports/2018/07/31/nba-strikes-deal-with-mgm/
Get more background information on scenario and what’s occurring

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