• September 15th, 2018

Analysis of Tina’s case

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Based on the case study of Tina, students will use theory and other evidence-based support to analyze the situation, create an action plan, develop safeguards, practice implementation, and follow-up procedures. The essay will be written in APA format to include: title page, minimum of 8 pages of content, and reference page for a total of 10 pages. The assignment is worth 200 points.
Name: Tina Nguyen
Age: 41
Sex: Female; heterosexual
Children: 2 (boy age 10, girl age 9)
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Tina was married to her husband for ten years and they have two children together. Tina’s husband supported a close relationship between a female co-worker and his wife after starting a new job. The two women became very close after spending every weekend, holiday, and many vacations together as a family. Within 4 years of the friendship, an affair started between Tina’s husband and her best friend, which continued for the next three years. As a result, both families were shattered by divorce, joint custody of the children, and a new marriage together between Tina’s ex-husband and her best friend.
Tina describes her relationship with her ex-husband as hostile and volatile a year after the divorce. Tina describes the communication between the two as difficult. Tina’s ex-husband is still very bitter about the divorce/custody arrangements and continues to make threats of returning to court, asking for primary custody of their children. Tina’s ex-husband requested primary custody of the children, but was denied during their court hearing for the divorce. Her ex-husband has also become very manipulative with their son, discussing every detail of their divorce decree.
He has been tracking her and the children’s whereabouts through the children’s cell phone. He moved .55 miles from Tina’s home with his new wife in an effort to “be close to the kids” and to keep tabs on what is going on in Tina’s home. He stops by her home unannounced on a regular basis. Tina is flooded with emails and texts every day questioning her decisions with the children. If Tina does not answer the door or respond to his text messages, her ex-husband calls the police to do a “welfare check”. One incident he was to return the children to her home after his visitation, to only drop off their daughter, but not their son. Tina had to call the police to have him return the son to her home.
Tina has recently started to take her children to counseling to help them process the divorce. Her ex-husband does not agree.
Tina is focusing on the following:
• Lives in fear of losing custody of her children.
• Feels harassed daily with texts, calls, and emails from her ex-husband.
• Feels she’s being monitored (stalked) by her ex-husband driving by her home on a daily basis and tracking her whereabouts through the children’s’ cell phones.
• In fear she may not ever be able to have a future relationship because of her ex-husbands actions

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