• September 14th, 2018

Biochemistry lab report

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Write a single lab report summarizing your findings from the Simple Biochemistry Lab. Use the following format: Abstract: 150-250 words summarizing the experimental hypothesis, the experiment and your findings.
Introduction: Introduce the four classes of organic molecules as well as the different tests outlined in the lab manual. Compare the different classes of organic molecules and the tests used for the identification of organic molecules.
Materials and Methods: Describe the methods that you used, in paragraph form. Please do not provide a list of reagents. Organize this section using subheadings. You should provide enough detail that another student could come to the lab and repeat your experiments.
Results and Figures/Tables: An explanation of your findings, written in paragraph form. Distinct experiments/findings can be organized with subheadings. Figures and tables should be titled and clearly labeled (see examples on how to label on blackboard). These should also be referred to in the appropriate place in the results text. Embed figures and tables in the report.
Discussion/Conclusion: Discuss your findings. You may include subheadings where necessary. What were your findings versus what did you expect to see? What did your findings tell you about the samples you tested?

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