• August 29th, 2018

Power system

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A three-phase transmission line has a reactance of 100 ohms per phase. The sender voltage is 100 kV and the receiver voltage is also regulated to be 100 kV by placing a bank of static capacitors in parallel with the receiver load of 50MW.
a) The reactive power furnished by the capacitor bank.
b) The reactive power supplied by the sender.
c) The voltage drop in the line per phase
d) The phase angle between the sender and receiver voltages.
e) The apparent power supplied by the sender.
2) If the 50 MW load in problem 1 were suddenly disconnected calculate the receiver voltage which would appear across the capacitor bank. What precaution, if any, must be taken?
3) If a transmission line were purely resistive, would it be possible to raise the receiver end voltage by using static capacitors?


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