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Before you begin this activity, be sure to review Chapter 1 of the textbook, Performance Management by Aguinis (2013), and pay particular attention to the case study Reality Check: Ideal versus Actual Performance Management System. In addition, review the Table 1.5—Characteristics of an Ideal Performance Management System on page 22 of your textbook. Address the following: Select a system to evaluate for this assignment.Specify how many of the four characteristics of an ideal system are present in the system you are evaluating.Identify two characteristics that are not present at all, or barely present, in your system. Discuss the implications that the lack of these characteristics have on the effectiveness of the system.Identify one characteristic that is clearly present in your system. Discuss the implications of the presence of this characteristic on the effectiveness of the system.Identify the characteristic in your system that is furthest from the ideal. Describe the improvements that can be implemented to produce a better alignment between your system and the ideal system.Identify the person in your system responsible for making the system ideal based on the above characteristic. Address these questions in 3 – 4 pages

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