• August 14th, 2018

Philosophy-Part A Cryptocurrency and Its Ethical Dimensions

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Part A Cryptocurrency and Its Ethical Dimensions (300 words or less) Because you are a college student at an institute of technology, the blog 300 Words: Technology and the 21st Century would like you to write a post about the ethical issues surrounding cryptocurrency. (Many technical and scientific professionals and people interested in technology regularly read the blog.) Please write a response to the following prompt as a way of opening an online discussion: As a college student, what is your personal perspective on cryptocurrency? Is it a sound investment strategy? What do you think about the potential for people to use their cryptocurrency to purchase illicit or illegal items and to engage in money laundering without being traced? Should governments attempt to regulate transactions? Project 25 years into the future: What will be the status of cryptocurrencies? Part B Scripts and The Normalization of Deviance (approx. 250 words) How can employees in a high-tech company be aware of a situation where an unwritten (and possibly not discussed) script could involve the normalization of deviance? What recommendations would you suggest for making managers and engineers in engineering and high-tech companies aware of how scripts can influence decision-making? You can provide examples from the different cases that are referenced in “What Was Volkswagen Thinking?” or from other situations where people may not be aware of how scripts drive behavior. Part C Your Personal Ethical System (approx. 250 words) Describe your ethical system. Do you primarily follow one of the systems we explored in class, or another system of your own devising? Please explain briefly. Ethical Egoism Act Utilitarianism The Golden Rule The Categorical Imperative The Prima Facie Obligations (W. D. Ross) The Ethical Synthesis (V. R. Ruggiero) Virtue Ethics Something Else Moral rights may not be an entire moral system, but it could be something you consider in making ethical decisions.

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