• July 13th, 2018

Mathematics – Statistics

  1.   Compute the answers correctly to two decimal places. Show your calculations for each answer.  Warm Heart Hospital (for January). This is a graph:



UNIT:                                          BED                                  BASSINET                 IPSD

Medical                                        47                                                                               1550

Surgical                                        54                                                                                  725

Pediatrics                                   22                                                                                  162

Orthopedics                             28                                                                                   227

Obstetrics                                  34                                                                                  456

Newborn                                                                                       17                                382

Totals                                            185                                          17



  1. percent of occupancy for each unit for January
  2. A&C percent of occupancy for January


  1.   Define length of stay (LOS) and discharge days (DD). Why is calculating length of stay (LOS) important to our hospitals today? What role does discharge days (DD) play in the length of stay (LOS) ratio? Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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