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Homework Of Principle Of Marketing

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you are the brand manager for Maytag Washers and Dryers. Your new SD (Super Deluxe) 10 series will be released to retail in November, 201g. which of the following will you automatically consider, given the strategic characteristics of “shopping products” A. spiffs B. 10ts of PoP materials C. heavy inventory loading for broad distribution D. AandB E. AandC The University of Utah changed and updated its logo several years ago and found that it was necessary to order new stationery and business cards=for depaftments and staffof the university. This purchase would be called A. modified rebuY. B. straight rebuY. C. new buy. D. standard buy. E. class buy. Which problem solving variation would likely be used for clothing, sheets and towels, or electric can openers? A. routine problem solving ‘g.’ timitea problem solving C. extended Problem solving D. either A or B E. either B or C 8. 9. 11. I 0. The success rate for new products is only but the success rate for Proctor and Gamble products is -‘: A. 15%; 50%o B. 85Yo; 15% C. 20%; 80o D. 25Vo;75% E. proctor and Gamble falls into the success norm for ALL products which is 15% If a marketer, doing causal research at retail store perimeter POPs, sets up “scent” diffirsers in the delicatessen and bakery sections of Utah supermarket chain “Harmans,” he/she is probably researching these kinds of influences: A. marketing mix influences. B. psychological influencesC. situational influences. D. sociocultural influences. E. risk influences. A magazinead shows a cherubic babysitting inside an automobile tire. The ad copy touts the dramatically improved traction of Michelin radial tires in rain and snow and informs parents of the ways in which tires will help them protect and ensure the well-being of their children. The marketers of Michelin tires are attempting to appeal to consumers’ needs. –A pqrchological B. security C. social D. personal E. self-actualization 13. A Ferrari automobile ad is supported by this slogan-“They Know who You Are when You Drive a Cadillac” This slogan is most likely to appeal to Baby Boomer and/or X-Gen needs’ A. psychological B. security C. social D. esteem E. self-actualization 12. 14. The long-running U.S. Army recruiting prograr.n that invited enlistees to “Be alI yor-r can be'” appeals to which of the hierarchy ofneeds? A. psychological needs B. safetY needs C. social needs D. personal needs E. self-actualization needs 1 5. Because Maria is so strongly committed to a fat-free diet, she did not see a recent story in online New York rirnes suggesting that some fat in one,s diet is healthy – and the story was staring her in the face as sl-re looking at an online photo ofllgurp– Kardashian! The reason Maria did not see it is most likely the result of A. selectiverevaluation. B. selective comPrehension C. selective exposure D. selective intensitY E. stimulusdiscrimination 16. JoelEdgarisconsideringbuyinga20lglnfiniti atDahlelnfinitionStateStreet.Ashewalksintotheshowroom’heis trying to remember all of the negative .orr”lr.n.”s associated witli perceived risk- that he learned at the DESB Biz School’ He is uncefiain-he thinks of four things but wonders if one of them is incorrect’ which is it? A. a physical harm (physical consequences) B. size of the financial outlay requiied to buy the product (financial conseqttences) c. that might not feel better about himself after -uting the purchase (psy.chological consequences) D. that his (Jniversity of Utahfriends won’t approve of the purchase (social consequences) E. Joe can relax: all of the above are negative consequences associated with perceived risk 17. In Japan, when people see an ad for a Buick, they see a British .g1s1-Bsngdict cumberbatch-someone they like very much (he would never do these ads in the u3A) – standing near the car. This is an example of Buick marketers employing: A. risk reduction devices B. cultural conditioning C. classical conditioning D. operant conditioning E. AIO Profiling 1g. Researchers want to know the impact of the economy, consumer salaries, and competitive ads on 2018-2019 sales of Maytag washers and dryers. Which of the following is true? A. the economy is a dependent variable E’ Neither A’ B’ C’ nor D B. sales are an independent variable C. competitive ads are dependent variables D. sales are a dePendent variable 19. Alssa Goodstein is a marketer at Dean Foods. She needs category data on competitive sales. She is willing to pay for IRI data because she will get the following tracking: A.Productvolumewholesaletvarehousesandretailstores B. Product velocity at wholesale and retail stores C. Causal research data as to what may have caused acceleration or deceleration of product/brand sales D. AandB E. A, B, and C 20. ucLA marketers conceived a2015 marketing campaign called “Higher Education- For Those who Place Education Highest On Their Lists.,, Which of the following segments was at thl top of their “Higher Education” target list? A. HisPanics B. Mexican-Americans C. African-Americans D. Caucasian-Americans E. Asian-Americans

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