• April 28th, 2018

Social Science

Describe the film’ Disobedience’ director: Sebastian Lelio. watched (indicate its title, director, country and year of production). Briefly summarize its story (2-5 sentences). How would you describe the film in terms of genre conventions? How would you characterize its cinematic style? To what extent are its characteristics consistent with the categories of “festival film,” “independent film,” “blockbuster” etc.?
Write about the specific movie-going practices and rituals that you observe at the festival/screening site. How was your reception of the film informed by the cultural context that you watched it? Did you enjoy the experience of attending a festival / screening? Why or why not?
(Make sure to READ all the readings of April 17 and April 24 before writing your paper).
Write the full paper topic and the names of the films that you examine at the top of your paper.

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