• April 20th, 2016


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Describe the economic and political systems of three countries on three different continents (one of which is the United States and the other two non-western) in the 20th Century. Compare their political and economic systems and discuss the effects on each country s relative progress in achieving economic growth, and fair distribution of income and economic opportunity.
This core assignment shall require the student to:
1) exhibit an insightful understanding of at least three (3) societies from three (3) different continents, one of which must be the United States and two of which must be non-western;
2) display an understanding of the political and economic systems of those diverse societies and the effects that changes in those systems have had on society and individuals, including women and ethnic groups;
3) exhibit an understanding of how political, economic, and other ideologies affect society; and
4) cite references from books, magazines, scholarly journals, and the internet.

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