• April 20th, 2016

Analysis and reflection paper

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Synthesis Questions:

  1. Comment on the time frame of the Ariens lean transformation case. Why did the case study

span such a long time period? What does the word “transformation” mean to you in the

context of this case and lean manufacturing transformational change in general?

  1. Based on the Conscious Change Leadership article, critique Dan Ariens transformational

leadership effectiveness in terms of “conscious change”. Why was Dan’s approach to

transformational leadership effective?

  1. Why and how does implementing lean manufacturing rely on total support from an

organization’s culture?

  1. Describe three examples of important lean focus areas or principles implemented at Ariens

from the perspective of the TPS Handbook. This paragraph may be lengthier than other

responses in order to describe three examples.

  1. What do you think the Ariens case means when it states “Lean created a structure that was

both more rigid and more flexible”.

  1. Personal Reflection:
  2. What focus area of TPS do you find most interesting when you think about your SCM interests and career aspirations.


  1. What lessons can you personally learn from Dan’s leadership style and the Conscious Change Leadership article that will help you be more a more impactful leader or change supportive follower as an SCM employee or intern?
  2. Discuss how your view of lean operations/lean supply chain management has evolved as a result of your learning experiences in this class.

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