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Starbucks company

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The project about company, the company is Starbucks company.

Tasks are as follows:
You are the operations manager of a firm seeking to study best practices in operations management. Working individually, report on the scope of Operations Management at a firm of your choice. For each section highlighted in Yellow deliver approximately a full page of material. In some parts this includes Excel Charts . You may briefly explain what the topic is, what is the company’s approach and finally any key challenges.
Learning Outcome 1: Explain the tasks and scope of Operations Management and the concepts of competitiveness, strategy and productivity.
1. Analyze the company’s operational management practices. Competitivenss, Strategy and Productivity Give a general perspective of company operations. Explain the tasks and scope of Operations Management and the concepts of competitiveness, strategy and productivity.
1.1 Background of the company
In this section you provide a brief background of the company. Including the major functional areas of the organization and describe how these interrelate. This means you should explain the functional areas from the company. Analyze and describe how these functions work together to make the company operate.
1.2 STRATEGY OF THE COMPANY Competitivenss, Strategy and Productivity
In each of these sections, you briefly explain each of the headings for the company. Remember to quote the sources.
1.3 Mission and vision of the company
Say something about the missions and the vision of the company. Remember to quote your sources.
1.4 Strategy of the company
Which strategy is the company following? Is it a low cost, differentiation or response strategy? Why do you say so. Justify your answer. Remember that, this will be the backbone of your analysis of this company. Eventually, you will have to discuss how well they are following their strategy or not.
Identify and explain the strategy that the company follows to compete. The student must justify (or critique) the use of strategy by the company.
1.5 PRODUCTIVITY Competitivenss, Strategy and Productivity and Productivity
Industry in which the company competes
In this section, you mention something about the industry in which the company operates and how competitive and productive the firm is. You can mention something about the location, and if the company operates locally or internationally. You can also briefly mention something about the competitiveness of the company as well as something about the company’s position in the market. For example, are they market leaders or not? This section requires the use of an Excel chart to communicate the company productivity.
Part II. Methods of Operations Management
Learning Outcome 2: Apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods in various areas of operations management that will facilitate managerial decisions aligned to the strategic priorities of an organization.
Briefly explain the different forecasting approaches and which approaches the company is using. Provide examples of the company’s forecasting techniques. Provide examples of the time horizons of the forecasts. If necessary, you can use subheadings to highlight this. If the information is too confidential (or there is not enough information available), be bold and explain which forecasting techniques they should be using and why. Remember to identify the different techniques and the time horizons used for forecasting. Or explain which forecasting techniques and the time horizons the company should be using and justify your answer. This section requires that an Excel chart be used for the forecast.
2.2 PRODUCT PPTs, Strategic Capacity Planning for Products and Services
Importance of legal, ethical, and sustainability considerations in product and service design: Explain the effects of legal, ethical, and sustainability considerations in the design of products/services offered by the company.
Discuss the various product designs that the company uses for its products or services. Where would you position the company’s products or services in their product life cycles and why do you say so? Is the company managing product design according to their selected strategy (low cost/ differentiation/ response)?
2.3 CAPACITY PLANNING PPTs, Strategic Capacity Planning for Products and Services
How is the company managing its capacity? Explain your answer. Do they have enough capacity or do they need more capacity? What do they do if they need more capacity? Is the company managing capacity according to their selected strategy (low cost/ differentiation/ response)? Distinguish between the short-term and long-term capacity planning and provide examples for the company which you analyzed in the project. The response for capacity planning must include an Excel Chart.
2.4 LOCATION PPTs, Location Planning and Analysis
Where is the company located? Explain your answer. Which factors did they consider (were present) when they made this decision? In your opinion, is this a good location? Why or why not? Does the location support their strategy?
Explain the factors that need to be considered for location decisions and categorize which of these factors are the most important for the company.
Which process design is the company following? Explain this briefly. Is the company managing their process design according to their selected strategy (low cost/ differentiation/ response)?
Distinguish between different process types and facility layouts and relate the process/facility layout used by the company to its efficiency/effectiveness/strategy. You may provide a diagram.

Part III. Recommendations and Quality Control
Learning Outcome 3: Recommend adequate quality management and quality control tools to improve the quality of production or services in different types of organizations.
Discuss the management of quality in this section. Make sure you answer the following questions in this section: What is the company doing to improve quality? Which of the concepts for an effective quality management program are the company using? Do they make use of inspection? What can you recommend to them in terms of quality?
3.2 Costs of Quality
Identify and explain the costs associated with quality and provide examples of these costs to the company.
3.3 Service quality / Product quality
Explain the dimensions of service / product quality and describe what the company is doing to improve its service / product quality.
3.4 Quality tools
Identify and explain the different quality tools. Which of these tools have been used by the company? Evaluate some of the quality tools used by the company. At least two quality tools must be deployed in Excel. Possible tools include, but are not limited to; Pareto Charts, Histograms, Process Control Charts, Fishbone Diagrams, or a problem solving Flowchart.
In this section, you have to make some conclusions and recommendations to the company for the way forward. Based on the findings in the project, where do they see themselves in the future? Is the company following their selected strategy? What operational recommendations can you make to them?

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