• April 7th, 2016

Improving organisation performance – Human resource management

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Assignment Brief
Working on the JPL case study write a 4000 words essay which addresses the following tasks.
1. Drawing on relevant theory critically analyse the extent to which JLP can be considered as a high performance work organisation. As part of your analysis, critically evaluate the links between bundles of people management practices and sustainable organisational performance.

2. Critically examine the role of culture in creating and sustaining high performance work organisations.
Note: Please read the suggested outline and case study of JLP below.
Note: Your supporting references must be acdemic sources.

Suggested Outline
A short intro identifying the topic and outlining the purpose of the report – around 150 words
Question 1: HPWS
You can begin with a brief overview of the concept of HPWS (definition, the fact there is a multitude of frameworks/models associated with the concept) and in conjunction with this discuss the idea of bundles of HR practices.
You can then move on to apply these ideas in depth to the case study. Assess JLP’s HR practices and clearly explain whether they approximate those of a high performance organisation (and why). Same with the idea of HR bundles. Do the practices support each other and are they also aligned with the organisation’s business strategy (and focus on high quality)? In the course of your discussion you may want to briefly compare JLP to other high performance organisations but the purpose of this would be to further justify your argument; you are not comparing for the sake of comparison – around 1750 words.
Question 2: Culture in relation to HPWS
Again, start with an overview of the concept of culture (meaning, origins, the purpose it serves in organisations) and point towards its role in building and maintaining HPWS. You may also want to consider the idea of socialisation (integrating members into the organisation, its vision and its values).
You then apply these insights into the case by discussing the cultural issues JLP was facing and what they tried to accomplish by re-defining their values. As part of your analysis you may also want to briefly assess JLP’s culture by drawing on the FOCUS model featured in the article by Hartog and Verburg (from session 4) – around 1750 words.
Summarise your conclusions (key points from your analysis in relation to both tasks) and outline some recommendations to the case organisation. The recommendations need to flow from the points you raised previously in your analysis – around 500 words or so.
Note: Case study of John lewis will be uploaded additionally.

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